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  • How much does Talking Budget cost?
    Talking Budget is completely free! It's brought to you by sponsors who want to reward those who are doing their best to live a financially responsible life and by our hardworking TB team who is dedicated to get these tools into as many hands (and homes) as possible.
  • Why Talking Budget over other budgetting apps?
    Simplicity. Nearly all budgetting apps are complicated enough that people give up on their budget before they see the benefits. Talking Budget is built to be simple. Whether you are a budgetting novice or veteran, we think you'll enjoy how easy it is to use the Talking Budget tools to secure a better financial future for you and your loved ones.
  • How do I get started?
    (1) Register at (2) Download the mobile application from Google Play or the App Store. (3) Start budgeting. Watch the video for more details on getting started.
  • How do I enter an expense?
  • How do I create a new budget?
    Creating a new budget is simple, view the video above to find out how.
  • How does the "projects" feature work?"
  • Could you give me some quick tips on using the app?
  • Is this the best budget app for couples and/or families?
    Your one account can be synced accross multiple devices. iPhone, or Android, we have you covered. Your spouse can enter an expense 100 miles away, and you'll be able to see it update on your device imediately since your data is securely synced in the cloud.
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