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5 ways a budget helps you cheat your way to success.

1. A budget helps you delay gratification and keep your eye on your goal.  Why spend your Bahama vacation money on expensive lattes?

2. Know where your money is and how much is there for you. Maybe you budgeted for the Bahamas AND an occasional latte! Everything is clearer with a budget in place.

3. You will sleep better and have far less financial stress with a budget. More than half of America reported worrying about finances last year. Don’t let that be you.

4. Budgeting short circuits the brain’s natural tendency towards impulsiveness. Planning ahead helps drive your smarter analytical side into staying in charge.

5. A budget opens your eyes to spending habits standing in the way to your success. Do you have any idea how much you spend on entertainment? Customize your spending to align with your values and priorities.

Ready to budget? Download Talking Budget now!

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